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Tata Tea Plantations

During our drive we learnt that the tea plants are actually trees that could grow up to 4 metres, but are kept short to make it easier to pick the leaves, which is why they look like bushes in the photos. You could directly pay deposit by clicking the "Buy Now" button: The views from the top, looking down through Ella Gap are fantastic.

A car is easier and you can stop off where ever you fancy just to wander around, admire the scenery or take photo,s. So, assuming that you have a car and driver for this part of the trip, roughly about 6 hours driving.

Both have good guest houses ,right on the beach. Let me know in the comments below! Enjoyed reading about our visit to the tea plantations of Munnar, India? Perhaps because I was there when it was very quiet and had the manager give me a personal tour. Getting from Ella to Hikkaduwa. Your driver would get train tickets for you, put you safely on the train and then be wating for you at Ella, if thats the place you decide on to stop.

The British East India Company took over large areas of land, that were then converted for mass tea production.

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Both have good guest houses ,right on the beach. The final step is for the tea leaves to be sorted and packed. Lockhart tea factory in Munnar, India Room at Lockhart Factory where the tea leaves are withered Once the leaves have been withered and they are now more pliable they are moved on to the next step of the process; the rolling.

From the restaurant terrace there the views are fabulous. Perhaps because I was there when it was very quiet and had the manager give me a personal tour. So, a short lunch break in Newara Eliya and then get your driver to take you to Nanu Oya station. High in the hills, the climate is considerably different from its surrounding low-lying regions.

Beaches are excellent and more or less empty so your child would be able to have a good lunchpaddle in the sea and generally play on the beach for an hour or two.

From Kandy to Newara Eliya. All the leaves are handpicked either by hand as the name implies for the more delicate tea plants, or with the device you can see in photos below.

We arrived at the factory after a long morning spent driving around the plantations and were welcomed with tea and cakes. How did you find it? Our program begins in West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Hangzhou, originally constructed as a park for the emperor and dotted with pagodas, the park offers a wonderful example of Chinese landscape architecture.

Back in the day British colonials used to come to Munnar to escape the Indian heat, and it is still the perfect place to do so. The road is unpaved so the journey can be a bit bumpy, just make sure to hold on and enjoy the ride!

The tour started in the withering room, where the fresh leaves are placed on long tables to dry. You can get a bus from Ella to Matara and from there to Hikkaduwa but buses can get very crowded and with all your luggage and a child, very dificult. We will enjoy the most famous Hangzhou food nearby the lake.

Your driver would get train tickets for you, put you safely on the train and then be wating for you at Ella, if thats the place you decide on to stop. They are then moved into a special room where they are left out to oxidize. Driving a 4WD in the tea plantations of Munnar, India Dancing around the tea plantations of Munnar, India Exploring the tea plantations of Munnar, India, with our 4WD While visiting the tea plantations we got the opportunity to meet some of the women that work as tea pickers, who showed us how tea leaves are picked.

We got on-board our vehicles for the day and set off on a beautiful drive with stunning views over the tea plantations and valley of Munnar. One of the local women that work as tea pickers in the tea plantations of Munnar, India A group of tea pickers in Munnar, India One of the tea pickers in the plantations of Munnar, India Tea production in Munnar Our tour of the tea plantations ended at the Lockhart tea factory, where they showed us how fresh tea leaves are processed to become the tea we drink.

The views from the top, looking down through Ella Gap are fantastic.

Tea Plantation Trip

Situated in a fertile area of the delta southwest of Shanghai, Hangzhou is renown for its particular variety of green tea, the most ubiquitous type of tea consumed in China. Lush valleys, mountains and several water falls. Each woman must collect a minimum of 13kg of leaves a day, however the tea pickers usually collect between kg and kg of tea leaves a day.During my two-week trip to Kerala, India, I was lucky enough to visit the tea plantations and factories of Munnar.

We spent a Trip and tea plantations day driving around the tea plantations on 4WD jeeps, first visiting the local women who pick the tea leaves and then learning about how the tea is processed at the local factory.

A Blend Of Tea And Culture: Tours And Guides In Sri Lanka. Melissa Pearce. Updated: 9 February the British introduced tea plantations to Sri Lanka in and since, the country has become the producer of some of the world’s finest teas, Finally the six day trip leads you to Nuwara Eliya, and the green mountains, waterfalls and.

About Tata Tea Plantations Devikulam IN, opening hours, entry fee, approx trip budget, activities to do at Tata Tea Plantations, Itineraries, how to. Apr 12,  · Tea Plantations - Sri Lanka Forum. Asia ; Sri Lanka ; there's a few tea plantations where you can get a free tour of the factory and see how the tea is transformed from a green leaf to the finished article you put in the tea pot.

weater falls, high country eucalyptus forests, tea plantattions etc. This trip through the hill. Sep 14,  · The Charleston Tea Plantation is the home of American Classic Tea, tea grown in America.

It is located on picturesque Wadmalaw Island in the heart of South Carolina's Lowcountry. Its grounds include acres of Camellia Sinensis tea plants, a more. Opens in 29 min/5(K). The Nuwara Eliya Hill Station is where you will get to see the most beautiful tea plantations.

There are many hill resorts where you can stay. Read More. Tea Plantation Trip Ratings & Reviews. Add Review.

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Trip and tea plantations
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