Small dairy farm business plan in pakistan pharmacology

Or Jersey with sahiwal. Mix kutti, chokar and concentrate like khalli sarso,badam or teesi add water in it and feed them Generally sarso khalli provides heat and it should be given during winter season and Teesi khalli in summer seasons Badam khalli can be given any time as it increases fat percentage in the milk Roughly cost of feeding one cow is rs a day Adequate water supply: However, if the quality of the livestock is poor, continuous rebuilding of milk producing herds will occur — an untimely and costly exercise.

Potential Clientele If the land is near the markets or main cities, there are numerous clients of this business.


Good luck to you in your conquests and queries. If land is purchased near to main markets or cities, transportation costs would be less as well as ease of access to other facilities.

As mentioned, land should be near to markets, and if not, different buyers should be identified who require a constant supply of milk. Although integration of any two businesses, much less three, is a pain in the neck amongst other body partsdairy farming provides me with the perfect long-term inspiration for working on these three projects!

Ideally every 13 months cow should be calving, then only our farm production will grow.

Dairy Farming Business Plan – Very Profitable Business To Start In India

Also, the Government is providing vaccination facilities for the animals. I want you to know that imported cows are not expensive. But that brings me back to the main point: The details as to why I wanted a dairy farm can be seen on this post here, but the problem with the advice I found on dairy farming in general, had the following two major problems: If you start taking out profits from it before three years, be prepared to inject more money in to it afterwards.

I suggest you find those people too. The milk and meat is a by product of that main function. Also cross breed of jersey and red sindhi is preferrable for the good milk yield. There are no two ways about it. The macro molecule and antibody in the colostrum easily penetrates through calf intestine and provide a good immunity and immune system to fight with disease and infection.

God guide and bless us all. And from this amount he cans double the production capacity by the next year.

How to Start Dairy Business in Pakistan?

I can write quite a few things on how to deal with people, because that is ALL of this is about, but suffice it to say for now, that one of the hardest things to do in dairy farming — just like in any other business — is to find the right people to manage and carry your dairy farm forward.

This is also the most important activity for an owner of a dairy farm. On regular interval mucous from nose should remove from towel to reduce the infection.

Before starting a dairy business, it is highly recommended to survey the market and work for an established dairy business to understand the whole process of the business. I already have two independent projects, one agriculture farming and the other is milk supply within Lahore, Alhumdulillah.

Indian breed takes approx months in reaching maturity phase whereas high yield cows HF or jersey cross breed reaches maturity at months and its ready for mating. Especially the person heading SMEDA casually told me that if I did not have 50 lac of rupees, do not do dairy farming!

However, if the land is far from cities and major markets, the alternative is to ally with the larger dairy customers such as Nestle, and sell the produce to them.

Dairy Farming in Pakistan

As the profit is totally dependent on the milk yield of the cow. In some cases when calf dies we give oxitocyn injection which should be avoided as it mix with the milk and can harm humans when they consume it. Which means 20 animals will give. Generally breed selection of these cow should be done on the basis of milk yield production in general ltrs of milk yield in a day is preferrable.

Livestock is the largest of the various agriculture sub sectors, holding enormous potential for dairy businesses. An efficient dairy business depends mainly upon the animals usually cows and buffaloes and land.

It could be sold to hotels, restaurants, shopkeepers and homes. A Very Solid Demand: Basic care and management of cows and calves: I do not have a village to go to and live life there!

I wanted the dairy farm to run on modern guidelines, treat it as a process-oriented business instead of a lifestyle and have time to pursue other projects as well! So, on average 3 persons are required for 20 animals depending upon the owner.

I remember travelling a total of kms plus, by road, all over Punjab, in one week, just to see and meet cow breeders. Dairy farming has a very unique business model, and no other business has the capability of multiplying its assets while still producing revenue.i would like to start a dairy farm for me, basically am 25 year old it engineer working in oman now, but i have an interest in dairy farm, currently my house there is a small farm which is not much profitable, so i would like to start with 4 great dairy cows and would like to expand it in future.

The business of small holder dairy farming Production technology is just one of the skills of good dairy farm business managers. Other skills include monitoring farm production costs, obtaining any necessary credit used by many Western dairy farmers to plan fertiliser programs for their forage.

Welcome To Dairy Masters Pakistan Providing Solution for Dairy Businesses. how to start a dairy farming business in pakistan The Problem with Dairy Farming Advice When I was starting my dairy farming project, I had a clear objective in mind: I wanted the dairy farm to run on modern guidelines, treat it as a process-oriented business instead of a lifestyle and have time to pursue other projects as well!

Sep 06,  · Why Start a Dairy Farm Business in Pakistan (Dairy Farming Guide Series by Momekh) - Ur/Hi - the THREE BUSINESS SYSTEMS OF DAIRY FARMING SUCCESS I list down four reasons as to why I.

Through the dairy farm business plan not only producing milk but also to produce electricity. This electricity to use in our business and also sale from the market and generate an income.

Behind of electricity we reduced cost of goods sold and earning high return to this business.5/5(20).

Small dairy farm business plan in pakistan pharmacology
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