Photoactivation of ruthenium olefin metathesis initiators

Organometallics26, Structures and Absolute Configurations. Organometallics22, Regardless of the type of macromolecule used, nanocontainer delivery systems generally consist of three steps: Organometallics24, Prototypal Dynamic Combinatorial Virtual Libraries.

While strategies for packaging and targeting nanocontainers have been extensively studied, controlled release of the encapsulated drug remains problematic [ 121920 ]. The list of macromolecules that have been investigated for their potential as delivery vectors is extensive and diverse.

Additionally, most peptides, with the exception of specialized cell-penetrating peptides, cannot cross the blood-brain barrier BBB [ 12 ].

ASAP’s – 2018 – Week 24

An alternative to intrathecal injection for the administration of ziconotide, in which the peptide was encapsulated in a viral nanocontainer and delivered across the BBB via a trojan horse strategy, was recently described [ 12 ].

Synthesis, Structure, Stereochemistry and Cation Inclusion. Published on the Web, 11th Oct Porphyrins Phthalocyanines6, Synthesis, Structure, and Preliminary Activity Studies. CrystEngCommPhotoactivation of ruthenium olefin metathesis initiators, Abstract The potency, selectivity, and decreased side effects of bioactive peptides have propelled these agents to the forefront of pharmacological research.

Organometallics28, This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Kol Mononuclear and Dinuclear Complexes of Isoeilatin. Investigation of alpha-Abstraction vs.

Olefin Metathesis

However, since the number of new chemical entities NCEs registered each year with the FDA has remained more or less constant, despite the proliferation of newly identified drug targets and the considerable financial and scientific resources devoted to drug discovery [ 12 ].

Steric Acceleration Effects on Olefin Metathesis.


Received Aug 17; Accepted Sep Kashman Acyclic and Cyclic Thioenamino Peptides: However, delivery of peptide therapeutics often requires invasive techniques, which is a major obstacle to their widespread application.

Peptides are especially promising for the treatment of neurological disorders and pain. Tzadka BukhaltsevI. Bioactive peptides, which are very potent, highly selective, and do not produce toxic metabolites upon degradation, are a promising alternative to small molecules for drug discovery and development [ 13 ].

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Coordination Polymers and Open Networks in Crystals of Tetra 4-cyanophenyl - and Tetra 4-nitrophenyl metalloporphyrin. Here, we present a strategy for inducing disassembly of a nanocontainer derived from the viral capsid of the Salmonella typhimurium bacteriophage P22 under physiological conditions.

Kol Pairing of Propellers: Goldberg Porphyrin Framework Solids. Goldberg Crystal Engineering with 1-Benzofuran-2,3-dicarboxylic Acid: Kol From Eilatin to Isoeilatin: Nitration, Hydroformylation and Chlorosulfonation. Supramolecular Isomerism of the Porphyrin Self-Assembly.

Gross Synthesis and Properties of a Corrole with Small and Electron-withdrawing substituents, 5,Bis trifluoromethyl pentafluorophenyl corrole. However, ziconotide does not cross the BBB, and must be administered by intrathecal injection [ 10 ].

Solution and Solid Phase Synthesis. The structural stability of ziconotide ensures prolonged relief when it is administered as a pain therapy [ 8910 ].

Patents for Improved Metathesis Catalysts Issued to Materia/Caltech

Specifically, the ROMP substrate norbornene 5-Norbornenecarboxylic acid is conjugated to the exterior of a loaded P22 nanocontainer and Grubbs II Catalyst is used to trigger the polymerization reaction leading to nanocontainer disassembly.

Assembly modes of zinc-tetra 4-hydroxyphenyl - Porphyrin with bipyridyl ligands. Published on the Web, 6th Oct.Delaude L., Delfosse S., Demonceau A., Richel A., Noels A.F. () Dual Activity of Ruthenium Catalysts in Controlled Radical Reactions and Olefin Metathesis.

In: Imamoglu Y., Bencze L. (eds) Novel Metathesis Chemistry: Well-Defined Initiator Systems for Specialty Chemical Synthesis, Tailored Polymers and Advanced Material Applications. Tzur, E. and Lemcoff, G.

() Latent Ruthenium Catalysts for Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP), in Handbook of Metathesis. The employed initiators cover a wide range of compounds, from simple transition-metal salts to highly sophisticated and well-defined alkylidene complexes.

Currently, ruthenium-based catalysts are at the center of attention because of their remarkable tolerance toward oxygen, moisture, and numerous functionalities.

Developing a Dissociative Nanocontainer for Peptide Drug Delivery

Synopsis. UV irradiation of latent sulfur-chelated ruthenium olefin metathesis precatalysts produced a cis-dichloro−trans-dichloro enhanced activity of the trans isomer, when aromatic substituents were attached to the sulfur chelating atom, induced several metathesis reactions, including ROMP, at room.

What is the special feature of the olefin metathesis and metathesis polymerization? a) use of initiators b) use of catalysts with high potential c) use of solvents d) none of the mentioned Explanation: This happens due to the production of metalloxacyclobutane complex, which directly gives the ruthenium trichloride carbene complex upon.

Photoactivation of ruthenium phosphite complexes for olefin metathesis Or Eivgi, Stefano Guidone, Alexander Frenklah, Sebastian Kozuch.

Photoactivation of ruthenium olefin metathesis initiators
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