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He is content with the honors that King Duncan has bestowed upon him. She will not take no for an answer.

Lady Macbeth, Lady macbeth and macbeth thoughts and, calls him a coward and questions his manhood: In fact, Macbeth has even changed his mind about killing King Duncan. But the comment also suggests that Macbeth is thinking about his legacy.

She tells her husband to have patience and to leave the plan to her. Then she tells him her plan: Act 1, scenes 5—7 These scenes are dominated by Lady Macbeth, who is probably the most memorable character in the play.

At this point, Macbeth has clearly changed his mind about murdering King Duncan. Lady Macbeth has clearly convinced him to proceed. They will smear the blood of Duncan on the sleeping chamberlains to cast the guilt upon them. However, he is uncertain that the action will be completed without failing somehow.

Comment on Macbeth's thoughts and feelings regarding the plan to murder king Duncan.

He is now convinced to follow through with the murder of King Duncan. Throughout the play, whenever Macbeth shows signs of faltering, Lady Macbeth implies that he is less than a man.

Macbeth tells his wife that Duncan plans to depart the next day, but Lady Macbeth declares that the king will never see tomorrow. He hath honored me of late, and I have bought Golden opinions from all sorts of people, Which would be worn now in their newest gloss, Not cast aside so soon.

Now, Macbeth is convinced.

A messenger enters and informs Lady Macbeth that the king rides toward the castle, and that Macbeth is on his way as well.

She resolves to put her natural femininity aside so that she can do the bloody deeds necessary to seize the crown. Having upbraided her husband one last time during the banquet Act III, Scene 4the pace of events becomes too much even for her: He asks her what will happen if they fail; she promises that as long as they are bold, they will be successful.

She causes Macbeth to begin thinking about murdering King Duncan.

He gives in to her and commits to the murdering of King Duncan: Unlike her husband, she lacks all humanity, as we see well in her opening scene, where she calls upon the "Spirits that tend on mortal thoughts" to deprive her of her feminine instinct to care.

Act 1, scene 5. Her violent, blistering soliloquies in Act 1, scenes 5 and 7, testify to her strength of will, which completely eclipses that of her husband.

He then agrees to proceed with the murder. He shares with Lady Macbeth his sentiments, stating that they will not proceed with the murder:Lady Macbeth speaks these words in Act 1, scene 5, lines 36–52, as she awaits the arrival of King Duncan at her castle.

We have previously seen Macbeth’s uncertainty about whether he should take the crown by killing Duncan. Lady Macbeth, a leading character in William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Macbeth, progresses throughout the play from a savage and heartless creature to a delicate and fragile woman, having no regard for mortality.

Duncan, the Scottish lords, and their attendants arrive outside Macbeth’s castle. Duncan praises the castle’s pleasant environment, and he thanks Lady Macbeth, who has emerged to greet him, for her hospitality.

Macbeth and Manipulate Macbeth Essay. created in The Bible, has been used in plays such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the three witches manipulate Macbeth in order to gain power in society. Get an answer for 'Comment on Macbeth's thoughts and feelings regarding the plan to murder king Duncan.' and find homework help for other Macbeth questions at eNotes.

Lady Macbeth has won him. - the thoughts and feelings Macbeth and Lady Macbeth express - the way other characters react to them - what makes the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth so important Act 2, Scene 2 - In the opening two lines of the scene, Lady Macbeth describes how she has been overwhelmed by passion.

She is drunk with the.

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Lady macbeth and macbeth thoughts and
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