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To succeed, Sejanus might have needed stronger support from the lower ranks of the aristocracy, the people and the army. Burrus had been a basically honest[] and competent man, but unfortunately, closeness to the corruption of Nero seems to have rubbed off in the form of a certain laissez-faire and even some cowardice in his case.

But these plans were all in vain and finally, the end had to come sooner or later. In a speech to Augustus, Maecenas proposed several modifications to the running of the state. Caligula then took his prefects and Callistus aside and told them that they were three and could easily slay him if they hated him.

Claudius, who was with Geta in Ostia at one point during this crisis, asked him if he was still in power.

The Julio-Claudians: Tiberius, Gaius, Nero

But Sejanus, even though he was only an equestrian and quite low in this group, actually made Julio claudians essay move by concentrating all the Guard at a single barracks, thus dangerously augmenting their concentrated power, and his own at the same time.

We do have some information on L. Indeed, to this day, the Praetorians evoke a certain image, as plotters and conspirators themselves and definitely not as competent soldiers. After this, Caligula, believing he was hated, always wore a sword when he was in Rome, and Julio claudians essay to set them up against each other.

Two of them vied to become princeps Julio claudians essay they both died in their attempt. When the men told him they wanted Galba as emperor, he changed his tactics and went along with them. Under these emperors he might have been the governor of a small province, again with some possible action leading legions there, and where he may have gotten that military reputation.

A few prefects that followed understood what had happened here and tried to keep more or less quiet and thus escaped with their life, if not always with their position. With Sejanus, the son of Seius Strabo, we see the archetype of the haughty and ambitious minister.

Memmius Regulus to the consular college, which gave him a dependable asset in his battle to the finish against the prefect.

Preface Was it a good career path to become a prefect of the Praetorian Guard under the Julio-Claudians? It was not the most powerful of positions, as compared to the other prefectures, like the praetorian prefecture or that of Egypt, but it allowed Macro to make himself a devoted following of men, which was to help him later on when the time came to take care of Sejanus.

Most ancient sources seem to think so, but again, maybe Tacitus was really coming down hard on him because of his origins. Macro was known by Tiberius to be loyal. But as soon as a prefect, who was only supposed to be a deputy commander of the Praetorians after the emperor, started or joined a political faction, or plotted for more than his share of power or against a princeps or his family, it was most definitely a deadly move for that particular official, as I shall show here.

Under Nero, he was first promoted to praefectus vigilum and finally, in 62, to the praetorian prefecture. Capito was found to be exaggerating when he told the names of the prefects and of close associates of Caligula and he said Callistus and Caesonia were involved as wellso he was not believed.

I also propose a chronological and conceptual differentiation between the creation and use of the two main portrait types ascribed to Germanicus. Macro, or the helper betrayed Macro was appointed praetorian prefect by Tiberius when the emperor had decided to get rid of Sejanus.

A freedman called Paris was sent to Nero to tell him about the plot and the emperor was so scared that he decided to have Agrippina and Plautus executed, and Burrus replaced with Caecina Tuscus.

This was quite exaggerated and not taken very seriously; as a matter of fact, Burrus himself was one of the judges for this case, and he managed to beat off the charges and to have the accuser, Paetus, exiled and his account books burnt to prevent his seizing more property of unfortunate accused men, as was his habit of doing.

Sejanus had protected Tiberius with his own body.Includes plans with included structure, and integrated source reccomendations:Assess the reforms and policies of Gaius: Political, Social, Legal, Religious, and killarney10mile.comuences of the death of NeroDevelopment of the Imperial Cult throughout the empireAssess the prinipate of TiberiusAssess the Reforms and Policies.

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The Praetorian prefecture under the Julio-Claudians – path to power or dead-end job? Preface Was it a good career path to become a prefect of the Praetorian Guard under the Julio-Claudians?

If one could stay out of intrigues and do. View Julio-Claudian Emperors Research Papers on killarney10mile.com for free. ANCIENT HISTORY ESSAY: JULIO CLAUDIANS; The Army held an increasing amount of influential power over each of the Julio-Claudian Emperors’; the army was the base of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

The Principate was founded on the practice of maius imperium, supreme military potestas (power). The Julio-Claudian principate commenced with Augustus (r. 27 B.C.–14 A.D.), and included the reigns of Tiberius (r. 14–37 A.D.), Gaius Germanicus, known as Caligula (r.

37–41 A.D.), Claudius (r.

Julio-Claudian Emperors

41–54 A.D.), and Nero (r. 54–68 A.D.). During this time, Rome reached the height of its power and wealth; it may be seen as the golden age of .

Julio claudians essay
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