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Indian Railways span global volumes in hospitality and catering sectors with services provided to 13 million passengers everyday. Differentiator Clearly the design of the services cape differentiates one provider from its competitors, and hints at eth segment the services are targeted at.

It transports over six billion passengers and almost million tons of freight annually 7. Services are actions or performances, typically produced and consumed simultaneously. State of art technology which provides latest designs and kitchen equipments.

So, it is important Irctc swot consider the duration of the journey of a train before booking your ticket. IRCTC arranges for full train charters, coaches as well as reserved berth programmes through regular trains for tourism purposes.

She Irctc swot vast experience in tourism and hospitality. Trains available between a given pair of stations 8.


This is surely a simpler way to find a train than asking for details at the train enquiry between two stations.

Tourism industry in India is on a great boom at the moment. Several kinds of trainings are necessary such as: It can also reduce costs in managing orders and interacting with a wide range of suppliers and trading and trading partners, areas that typically add significant overheads to the cost of products and services.

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The more influence an organization has over its service quality, the better it will have control over its customer satisfaction. Both the reports came out around the same time, namely June-July Here is a list of some of the popular trains that you should be aware of.

IRCTC makes no guarantee that any service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. Major players in the industry: An individual user can book a maximum of ten tickets in a calendar month.

Indian Railway Train Lists – The Best Tool to Plan a Journey

Package quality, service provider dress code, purity of water, packaging of water. Mick Johnson should have stuck with his friend Drew he was a hard worker and he never cheated and was determined to get better.

Hence IRCTC is putting its best efforts to provide all the needs of the passengers to serve quality food at cost effective prices.

IRCTC next generation – Indian Online Railway Services

The most important part of this upgrade is that it will help a passenger to check the possibilities of confirmation of their wait-listed tickets.

Service hours are liable to be changed without prior notice.

Analysis of Irctc

It is essentially important for the hospitality organizations to equip the service employees with the skill to manage service encounters, such as: As it is the only player in the online railway ticket reservation, we have done an intensive research in the areas of technology, demand supply, customer satisfaction and their involvement in making the Government subsidiary a leading player in the tourism and online ticketing.

To ensure security, card details are NOT stored in Website. There are several recommendations to propose: Based on the packages different items are served in a combo style which is beneficiary for the passengers.

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Both primary and secondary data are taken into consideration for the study by the strategies followed by IRCTC.

This probability will be based on the analysis of confirmation of waitlisted tickets of last 2 helps you to understand the Indian Railway system and the IRCTC schedule. Over the years different types of trains have been added to enhance the ease and comfort of its passengers.

Here is a list of some of. I Manoj Kumar, Student of Final Submitting this Presentation on ‘Swot Analysis of Indian Railways’ To Our Indain Economy Prof.

Harmesh Lal. I am Heartly Thankful to my Subject Teacher Prof. Harmesh Lal And Our Respected Principal Mirs.5/5(3).

Indian Railways SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Rail tourism is the specific vehicle for achieving high growth in co-ordination with state agencies, tour operators, travel agents, and the hospitality industry.

IRCTC is a reputed government institution catering to the needs of millions of customers in various ways. Jun 17,  · EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of the railways.

IRCTC next generation primarily signifies introduction of e-ticketing and several interesting technologically advanced features by IRCTC to provide better travel experience to Indian passengers.

It opens up a comprehensive online platform where you can not only book tickets easily from home but also check the availability of tickets and details of your. IRCTC¶s revenue from tourism has increased over per cent since ³Depending on demand, IRCTC constantly modifies and diversify the range of travel products to expand business.

It has recently introduced packages for school trips,´ Tandon explained/5(3).

Irctc swot
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