Film analysis the breakfast club

However, as the day rolls on, they eventually bond over a common disdain for the aforementioned issues of peer pressure and parental expectations.

The way she is treated at home effects her thoughts and feelings about her self-worth which leads to her seeking approval from others.

The Breakfast Club Analysis

Hughes opted for an insular, largely one room set and wrote it about high school students, who would be played by younger actors. At home, Allison was ignored by her parents and at school she had no friends. Andrew shows the frustration-aggression principle when he gets into an altercation with Bender.

Allison had met the first two needs on the hierarchy and the next step was to fulfill the need to belong and feel loved.

Film analysis of the breakfast club

While each student represents a different clique, together they form The Breakfast Club. Kathleen Carroll from the New York Daily News stated, "Hughes has a wonderful knack for communicating the feelings of teenagers, as well as an obvious rapport with his exceptional cast—who deserve top grades". Hughes eventually cast Cusack, but decided to replace him with Nelson before shooting began, because Cusack did not look threatening enough for the role.

At home, Bender is treated badly. Universal Pictures released the film in cinemas on February 15, in the United States. Themes[ edit ] The main theme of the film is the constant struggle of the American teenager to be understood, by adults and by themselves.

Ringwald was originally approached to play the character of Allison Reynolds, but she was "really upset" because she wanted to play Claire Standish.

Allison admits to the group that she sees a shrink because she is compulsive liar. Brian is subjected to stereotypes throughout the movie.

Each teen is in detention for a different reason. She eventually convinced the director and the studio to give her the part.

In the movie, Bender falls victim to the fundamental attribution error. Hall became the first to be cast, agreeing to the role of Brian Johnson.

It explores the pressure put on teenagers to fit into their own realms of high school social constructs, as well as the lofty expectations of their parents, teachers, and other authority figures. On the surface, the students have little in common with each other. Reciprocal determinism is the interacting influences of behavior, internal cognition, and environment.

Movie Accuracy The movie was accurate in its portrayal of the psychological concepts and topics that are mentioned in the above paragraphs.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

This shows that her behavior, internal thoughts, and her environment are all contributing factors to her personality. Psychological Analysis The Brain Brian: This release was digitally remastered and restored from the original 35mm film negatives for better picture quality on DVD, Digital HD and Blu-ray.

She was there simply because she had nothing better to do. Nicolas Cage was considered for the role of John Bender, which was the last role to be cast, though the role was narrowed down to John Cusack and Judd Nelson. He was subjected to peer pressure when he decided to take part in smoking marijuana with the rest of the group.

Conclusion By the end of the movie, all of the characters have come to accept themselves and each other.Analysis: The meaning of The Breakfast Club is that most adults look down on young adults, when sometimes the young adults can be better than the adults.

Examples that support my The Breakfast Club analysis. At first, the characters look down on each other – The teacher sees himself as better than the students.

Amy Summers The breakfast club mise en scene analysis The opening scene of the breakfast club is a very important scene that sets the whole movie and to indicate to us what the movie is about. The set in ‘the breakfast club’ shows a high school but the strange thing about this high school is.

Feb 14,  · Watch video · The cast of The Breakfast Club were actors that I looked up to as a child, and still enjoy as an adult. I remember my own mother was a big fan of this movie, even though she was an adult with children/10(K).

Example (if applicable) editing (editor) the concerto flute analysis essay ibert process film analysis of the breakfast club (performed by a film editor) of selecting. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

The film depicts five film analysis of the breakfast club sisters from an. Get all the details on The Breakfast Club: Analysis. Description, analysis, and more, so you can understand the ins and outs of The Breakfast Club.

Film: The Breakfast Club Essay Words | 4 Pages. The movie The Breakfast Club was released inand is based on a group of five high school students from stereotypical cliques; the popular, jock, nerd and the outcasts, who all wind up stuck together for Saturday detention.

Film analysis the breakfast club
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