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Although they were able to capture some leads, the best part came when they started using retargeting. Running from June to Julythe campaign achieved- 2.

Red Bull post amazing video clips to get their fans talking about them on the Facebook fan page. Luxury link uses attractive pictures to distribute the story of travelers experience from the different aspect and in the ways that individual can relate.

Lesson Learned 20 — Sometimes the simplest of thing are most effective. Realizing, admitting, and motivating your fan page is another effective engagement method her fan page utilizes.

With all these accounts — what is Nike talking about all day? Such as these are some examples of a personalized ad. The site is updated many times each day, which might clarify the high-engagement rate occurring. It is also very helpful for startup businesses that have none or small following and email list.

7 Facebook Marketing Case Studies

Jabong To increase traffic to its app and website, Jabong wanted to engage with its customers and potential buyers on a deeper and more personalized level. How do you generate social likes, comments, or shares?

Pringles uses various questions to get their fan base readers keep commenting. He tested three different targeting groups where; One group was his existing email list.

5 outstanding Facebook marketing case studies

Facebook makes it easy to create your campaign. The aim of its month-long campaign was to increase customer acquisition, transactions and retention. This case study is especially useful for Facebook case studies brands Facebook Ad starter business that is struggling to find their way.

Comcast has discovered a way to respond quickly and directly to customers, especially unhappy ones. Through Facebook posts, you can let them get aware with your luxury traveled facilities you willing to offer them. In doing so, it ultimately aimed to increase sales across 5 key models. Veet India Veet India ran a 4-week campaign and discovered that advertising on Facebook resulted in an 11 per cent increase in in-store sales.

Ads about the Everest model were targeted to males aged 35—50 with interests in travel and competitor brands, while its Fiesta model ads targeted to year-olds interested in topics like fashion accessories, vehicles, music and sports.

In particular, it wanted to reach developers who wanted to improve their skills and people who wanted to become developers. Shutterfly Never underestimate the power of free. Lesson Learned 25 — Have multiple images and copies of your ad in hand before starting a campaign.

Instead of listening to elevator music while on hold indefinitely, tweet about to comcastcares. This was deliberately done as people that go on to filling the long form were most likely to be interested in the services.

They have specialized Fanpages for various sports like basketball, football, running, tennis, etc. You will find established posts of approaching activities and well spaced-out posts of which you can get whilst the event attracts near.

Between July—Augustthe brand achieved these impressive results: Each post or movie garners thousands of likes, comments and shares that show that individuals do view these video clips.

This will continue to grow your ROI by offering high-end visibility, engagement, and relevant deal to your community.

Got a specific offer for a niche audience? When seeing results from the third group, Brian invested more in it, and the results were equally rewarding.

To increase the quality of leads that it generated during this phase, it was critical for Maserati to show the lead ads to people who had completed watching a video ad during the branding phase.

Qwertee sell delicious-looking limited edition t-shirts. The city administration group behind her marketing campaign initiatives have produced hype about her, equally like as individual so that as a brand name. The above-mentioned brands have the aim to create adventure by having individual behind the brand who are committed and passionate to creating the type of experiences that Facebook fans are looking for.

But at such stage, most businesses give up rather than realizing their mistakes and optimizing their campaign accordingly. But crucially there were 8, additional purchases generated, resulting in an fold return on ad spend.

Here are 5 Facebook case studies of brands that successfully executed their campaigns on Facebook and saw great results. And sure I was a fan of the related Fanpage eager awaiting updates on the next run. The concept behind the site would be to wow the followers, and Redbull is thriving greatly in this way.Social Samosa takes a look at a few Facebook Leads Ad Case Studies to understand how these ads help the brands.

5 outstanding Facebook marketing case studies We've highlighted five of the best Facebook marketing case studies fromincluding examples from Disney, Shutterfly and Qwertee.

4 Facebook Leads Ad Case Studies for brands

By Paul Roberts The opportunity to expand your brand reach through Facebook is huge. Discover case studies on how certain businesses used Facebook advertising to increase brand awareness. Read Facebook marketing success stories about building brand. These case studies look at the goals, approaches, and results for several Facebook campaigns.

HubSpot The all-in-one marketing software platform wanted to promote its brand in a 3-month campaign as a thought leader in the B2B field on Facebook to. Here are 5 Facebook case studies of brands that successfully executed their campaigns on Facebook and saw great results.

Running a successful Facebook ad campaign is about converting your audience through your funnel. We've analyzed 13 case studies to see what works best.

Facebook case studies brands
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