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His brutality is seen when he murders and rapes the residents without caring for the consequences. The violent life and the brutality that the dwellers of the city were exposed to are presented by Buscape.

The social background to which one belongs, therefore, should be reviewed critically and thoughtfully because it defines the behavior of an individual in most instances.

As a result, all the other gangs united against him because his acts were endangering the lives of the people. The abandon apartments illustrate the Essays on city of god structure preservation that it has been left into.

Above and beyond, they are words that frankly reveal the way development, landscape and transportation planning has grown to be in this province.

It also presents to the world a society that was collapsing due to the countless acts of corruption by the Essays on city of god. Having that in mind, it is hard to believe that Rio de Janeiro, known for being a stunning city, could have a subdivision like City of God.

In the nineteen seventies, development planning does not appear to exist in this region of Rio de Janeiro. The movie unveils the influence and the impact the society exerts on an individual and the consequent choice of life he decides to live. In fact, it gives the impression that natural devastations occur in this place every month and giving no time to repair the construction.

As a result, street gangs have taken over these raggedy buildings and converting them into a different use.

For instance, the movie shows that one has to kill his rival in order to survive in the society Thornberry, They also lack knowledge and insight to confront the problems that life presents in a moral and dignified manner.

His father earned his livelihood through fishing and he witnessed all the crimes that were taking place in the city as he grew up. This was coupled by the high levels of insecurity in the city caused by the rising cases of criminality.

The people only have a few viable opportunities due to the high demographic figures to progress in their career lives. They therefore break the laws of the land knowingly and trump on the rights and freedom of other people just for their own gains Hawkins, High levels of poverty originate from the poor behavior that was generally prevalent in the society.

Brazil, being the location where the movie was filmed is based on a true story. Individuals grow up in a society that does not care about the life of a fellow citizen and all their actions are undesirable.

The movie shows that due to their narrow minds and low thinking capacity of most of the citizens, the cheap but harsh life of criminality suits them. The story is centered on the rise of a young Brazilian boy who struggles with the peer pressure from his colleagues who break the laws that govern the land.

Most of the people, therefore, are forced to work in low-paying jobs so as to sustain their livelihood and at worst join the gang groups whom are terrorizing the city.

Analysis of the movie “City of God” essay

The movie sheds light on matters that are of great importance to society. Nor does it show or give an indication of renovation towards the community. The fact that the movie is not completely related to connect only shows us how many play the part of God in the daily lives of their fellow citizens.

The movie shows ascertains that the environment in terms of the people who surround him plays a major role in the molding of that particular person into either a responsible and law-abiding citizen or a criminal and a lawless citizen.

The movie also talks about the poor living standards that the people endured and the abject poverty that surrounded them.

The story line of the movie is unraveled by Buscape, who hails from humble beginnings. We also realize the imagery of satire that is deployed in the movie by the actors. In the nineteen sixties the only substantial landscape perceived in the movie was when Clipper and Goose ran to the forest area, just outside of the community, while being hunted by the police.

Beat-up, rough and poor are verbs that describe the composition of the city. The movie proves that people can survive and lead a responsible life despite the most unbearable and dangerous circumstances that surround them.

The movie highlights the acts of violence and corruption that were prominent in the city during that time. The poverty witnessed in the city and particularly in the slums is implicit. The diminished and unlimited resources that are available to the people only worsen the situation.

The youth fall prey to the temptation of joining the gang groups and their lives as a result become wasted and stunted.

His unforgiving nature is exemplified when he confronts a young boy and orders him to kill two youths of another rival gang who had been cornered.Home Essays City of God. City of God.

Topics: Sociology, City of God: Killing People is a Must City of God, directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund, is based on a true story of slum gangs of Rio De Janeiro in the 60’s. Rocket tells the story from his point of view about him and Lil’ Z growing up in the ghetto and they take on.

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The films studied for this essay – City of God () and Favela Rising () have taken favelas from the marginality of Brazilian so. Read this Miscellaneous Essay and over 88, other research documents. City of God. City of God Violence, drugs and killing is what described the atmosphere of City of God, a movie directed by.

Throughout the City of God, he traces the journeys of these two cities, from the time they were founded, to how they relate with one another, the conduct of their life, and finally, their ultimate end (Hurd, City of God analysis.).

City of God

Free Essay: Criminal Behavior The City of God is based on actual events that occurred in Rio de Janeiro during the ’s and ’s. The movie is about the.

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