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Long before the murder marked them out, people spoke of the Turners in the hard, careless voices reserved for misfits, outlaws, and the self-exiled.

Yet what was there to dislike? All the Turners needed were a drove of children to make them poor whites. And then they turned the page Doris lessing paragraph something else.

Thus the district handled the Turners, in accordance with that esprit de corps which is the first rule of South African society, but which the Turners themselves ignored. If not you might find them interesting.

What was the difference? It was the way one lived, a question of standards.

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Someone in the district sent in the news, for the paragraph was not in newspaper language. When natives steal, murder, or rape, that is the feeling white people have. At 88, she still heard voices from her childhood. Living the way they did! Not the murder itself; but the way people felt about it, the way they pitied Dick Turner with a fine fierce indignation against Mary, as if she were something unpleasant and unclean, and it served her right to get murdered.

Why, some natives though not many, thank heavens had houses as good; and it would give them a bad impression to see white people living in such a way. She was adolescent, and therefore bound to be unhappy; British, and therefore uneasy and defensive; in the fourth decade of the twentieth century, and therefore inescapably beset with problems of race and class; female, and obliged to repudiate the shackled women of the past.

She died at the age of The Turners were British, after all. To cite this section. The interweaving of these two strands runs throughout the novel, to remarkable effect. Julian Mitchell, a friend of Lessing, said about her: The more one thinks about it, the more extraordinary the case becomes.

What was a poor white? The most interesting thing about the whole affair was this silent, unconscious agreement. And interspersed with such scenes come many deft descriptive sketches of the time and place: And alongside this exploration of racial politics is a concurrent exploration of sexual politics: There was no great money-cleavage in those days that was before the era of the tobacco baronsbut there was certainly a race division.

The steps he took and he made not one mistake were taken apparently instinctively and without conscious planning. That little box of a house — it was forgivable as a temporary dwelling, but not to live in permanently.

At the age of 30 she arrived to Britain. Though the arguments were unanswerable, people would still not think of them as poor whites. To do that would be letting the side down.

In the later parts of the book, when Martha moves to a larger town, I thought the details about how she socialised, how she was approached by boys, how they dated and how they discussed and thought about sex, were absolutely riveting; no less so, though in a much more upsetting way, were the extraordinary scenes illustrating the disdain with which black natives were treated by the white colonisers both English and Afrikaner.

But the person who said the Turners were poor whites stuck to it defiantly.Doris Lessing Paragraph Essay Evaluate the strengths of Lessing’s Speech. Doris Lessing’s speech “On not winning the Nobel prize” is engaging, powerful and evokes empathy from the audience. Lessing was an eminent author and this coupled with the honour of winning the Nobel Prize brings great ethos to her cause of highlighting.

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Doris Lessing's 5 volume "Children of Violence" series "Martha Quest" is the first book in Doris Lessing's "Children of Violence" series.

It is well written, keeps your interest, and gives you a lot of historical as well as autobiographical data/5. Doris Lessing - Prose Excerpt from The Grass is Singing. MURDER MYSTERY. By Special Correspondent. Mary Turner, wife of Richard Turner, a farmer at Ngesi, was found murdered on the front veranda of their homestead yester­day morning.

‘Flight’ by Doris Lessing Essay Sample. is the old man doing in the opening paragraph? In the opening paragraph, we can find out that the old man does three main activities: catching the homing pigeon, resting with the bird and looking at the granddaughter’s movement.

Apparently Doris Lessing was married to Gottfried Lessing from to when they divorced. Gregor Gysi was born in and his mother was the sister of Gottfried. Doris and Gregor were related through her marriage for only about a year.

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