Deserted island paragraph

It felt like a dream world. This proves that tents are a good thing to bring to a deserted island. Following the streams allowed me to hear the playful sound of the water lapping at the rocks and the fish jumping about. With the solar still providing water, you will also need a hatchet because hatchets can be used to chop down trees, light fires, and skin animals as the need arises.

Another way bows aid in hunting game is they provide more stopping power and killing force than a thrown stone. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The third thing I brought was a fishing rod because I needed to feed myself and sense I was so near the ocean a good source of food is fish.

Deserted Island Essay Waking up from the devastating shipwreck, I found myself on what seemed to be a deserted island. First I brought a hunting bow for two reasons: Another way bows aid in protection is most bows have enough stopping power or feet per second speed to kill a charging rhino let alone a man.

One way a bow helps kill game is it provides a way to hit things that are a larger distance from me than my arms can reach. Having brought survival supplies to this island suggests foresight on my part.

Nowhere was there any sign of fear; they had obviously not experienced the destruction that man could cause. Continuing through the woods, the smells of fruits attacked senses overwhelmed with hunger.

All around me was evidence of the beauty that God had provided before man became involved. In this paragraph I will list the hunting supplies I brought to the island. In the next paragraph the story concludes.

What I Would Bring to a Deserted Island Essay Sample

In conclusion I would bring a hatchet, water purifiers, rope, a bow and a quiver of arrows, a fishing rod and reel, a first aid kit, some water proof matches, and a tent to a deserted tropical island. As you can see I did not dwell long on the subject of the bow because I do not wish harm on any human unless they wish harm on me.

Beautiful flowers in reds, yellows, purples, and pinks lounged happily along the banks of small streams running perkily through the trees. Quickly bending over the small stream to quench the unbearable thirst, the water washed down the delicious fruit. My mouth was watering and desperate for the taste and feel of the fruit.

The leaves of the trees rustled when the wind blew gently, bringing with it a feeling of peace and tranquility. Deserted island paragraph other key supply is rope because rope can be used to climb trees and cliffs safely as well as providing a means by which to pull heavy objects to where they are needed.

One way a bow aids in protection is it is a silent killer that can wreak havoc and cause terror with out giving the operators position away.

In this paragraph I will discuss the disaster supplies and why I brought them.If I Were On a Deserted Island. 4 Pages Words January Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly!

A few days ago in the middle of the ocean and crashed my ship on a rock and floated to a deserted island. The only thing I had to eat is coconuts off the palm trees.3/5(2). What I Would Bring to a Deserted Island Essay Sample “Hey you!

Yeah, you in the cream colored scarf and ugly huskie shirt. Have you ever been on a deserted island? You have? Well have you survived on a deserted island with little but the clothes on your back? In this paragraph you will learn about the survival supplies I brought and why.

Descriptive Writing Prompt: Deserted Island. 0. Being washed ashore on a strange or deserted island is one of the most popular ideas in literature and pop culture. Think about how many well-known stories involve this idea: Robinson Crusoe, How Many Sentences Must a Paragraph Have?

Is “Legit” Legit? Jan 25,  · Two people who speak different languages are stranded on a deserted island. How long will it take them to learn enough of the other's language to communicate? Marcus Geduld, Shakespearean director, computer programmer, teacher, writer, likes dinosaurs.

Deserted Island Essay Waking up from the devastating shipwreck, I found myself on what seemed to be a deserted island. I dragged myself up the sandy beach and stood back to observe the island that offered me a safe haven.

Deserted island paragraph
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