Deloitte banking industry outlook 12 feb 2014

However, heading intothere is increasing evidence that they may have a chance to shift to a higher gear — or perhaps even accelerate. Banks, with the help of regulators, have reformed how the industry is run, making scandals like Libor-fixing and PPI mis-selling less likely to happen in the future.

2014 Banking and capital markets outlooks

This is where Deloitte thinks banks would be wisest to invest their efforts. However, progress is never simple in a field as complicated as global finance. Each time, advances in technology have increased overall transactions by making financial services available to more customers faster, inexpensively, and across the globe.

Other people pledge to give up a bad habit. The report predicts that the new world of payments will be blockchained, direct, and seamless.

It will take enormous effort on a collective basis to migrate to a blockchain-based trading and settlement infrastructure. Is it the best of times? Their prediction is that all payment volumes will increase dramatically byspurred by Internet of Things IoT digital payments and direct corporate payments.

The good news is that the path of strategic reconfiguration has become clearer, making the year that banks might see the dividends from their strategic choices. Regulators are still breathing down banks necks. But what is certain is how it can improve the customer experience.

Banks have made a lot of progress on getting in shape and their balance sheets are now stabilising.

2018 Banking Industry Outlook

There is simply too much legacy overhang in making this transition. Deloitte Banking Industry Outlook: Forget learning a musical instrument or taking up a second language — the industry needs to upskill in technology. If these prove accurate, banks will have more business to compete for in Each time, doomsayers predicted that automation would decimate revenue and kill jobs.

Technology is also the driving force behind one of the most important trends in the industry, the shift to digital banking. The jury is still out on how much money this can save the industry. Ramping up efforts to explore blockchain technology, and innovating rapidly to create new use cases will be a key determinant of success.

And regulatory concerns have shifted, from uncertainty over direction to uncertainty over long-term outcomes. Related topics After five years of tumultuous change, it is no surprise that banking and capital markets firms have yet to find steady ground.

Is it the worst of times? While the economy is showing some signs of life, challenges remain for industry executives. Sentscheck — a real-time social media sentiment analysis produced by Deloitte and SAS — has shown that people are more positive when speaking online about digital banking than about other channels.

Deloitte Banking Industry Outlook: Banking Reimagined

To cope with this challenge, banks should embrace technology — an area that includes everything from big data to security against cyber attacks. And capital pressures remain high. So how can firms begin to pivot toward growth amidst current pressures and challenges?

Banking Outlook for 2014

Margins are under extreme pressure and business models and product structures are becoming more standardized, mortgages and derivatives being two examples.Banking Industry Outlook Moving forward in the age of re-regulation Deloitte Center for Financial Services.

quickly than others over the next 12 months. Therefore, Banking Industry Outlook 3 Fundamental issues. One of the key attributes that has drawn investors to alternative investment managers over the years is their agility.

Much like a downhill skier who needs to absorb the terrain to excel, these managers excel by navigating uneven conditions. Dec 21,  · We conclude Industry Outlook Week with a look at the banking and health plan sectors.

Deloitte banking industry leaders explain the top technology issues facing banks, and how they can use mobile and big data technologies to compete in an environment characterized by lower margins and increased regulatory scrutiny.

Global Banking Industry Outlook Highlights Team financial reforms and the process of internationalization, the -- Global Banking Industry Outlook (Q2 ) Inglobal major banks saw an overall solid performance with slightly lower assets and %.

During the same period, NPL totaled USD billion, down % year-on-year. Banking Industry Outlook Six themes driving banking industry trends For and beyond, banks must contend with multiple challenges tied to regulations, legacy systems, disruptive models and technologies, new competitors, and a restive customer base while.

Deloitte's Banking Industry Outlook report predicts that the new world of payments will be blockchained, direct, and seamless.

Deloitte banking industry outlook 12 feb 2014
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