Deaf like me book report

Book review: Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley

In April of baby Lynn was born. Not knowing what Bruce had come down with; Louise took Bruce to a doctor. It was like her vocal cords were the issue not her hearing. Tom and the family moved often.

A few open-minded parents at the oralist deaf school that Lynn attends are pushing to incorporate some signing in the classroom. The doctor said it was not a big deal but had asked Louise if she was pregnant. Anderson told Louise that there was only a twenty five percent chance that a baby would have defects if the mother had rubella within the first three months of being pregnant.

Which Lynn did gain, little bits here and their. Before the hearing aid she had to have an auditory trainer. Understandable tantrums around not being understood. And speech, some anyway.

The predominant axiom was, "All deaf children can learn to lip-read and talk almost as well as their hearing peers if given an early start a This is an inspiring account of hearing parents trying to do their best for their young daughter, Lynn, one of 20, babies born deaf due to the rubella epidemic of This was huge for her five year old mind to wrap around.

Including the descriptions of the depths of difficulties that parents of deaf children have to endure to teach their child. After the auditory trainer which had minimal results, they went to the hearing aid. Tom and Louise also tried using the John Tracy correspondence course.

So he and the family packed up and moved at least four times over the course of the book. Through the meetings that were happening about oralism vs.

At times thinking that she could hear at others not. This was an emotional and thought provoking read. Wherever they went advice on Lynn was the same. Tom got a job at American River College in Sacramento.

For the next few months, Tom and Louise tried many test to see if Lynn really could hear. Well that settled it for Tom and Louise. That Lynn would be locked away in her own world from hearing people. Which was bulky and uncomfortable for her to wear.

Whatever you do do not gesture to her or use any other method of communication. Tom and Louise had to sometimes remind themselves that Lynn lived in a world of silence. Could Lynn communicate like this? He was kind of amazed by it as well as deeply troubled. Lynn eventually got tested again and got her hearing aid, but when she put it on it did little to help her hear and it hurt her ears to wear it.

It seemed like as Lynn signed more and also tried to speak her words were somewhat clearer. This is an amazing story and although the beginning and middle get a bit repetitive, the end is well worth it!An essay or paper on Deaf Like Me.

Thomas S. Spradley and James P. Spradley, in Deaf Like Me chronicle the experiences of a parents coming to grips with their daughter. Deaf Like Me has ratings and 67 reviews. Katie said: Read for my ASL class.I was so frustrated for the first 9/10ths of the book because all the 4/4.

Deaf Like Me

Thus, the book Deaf Like Me is about a family constant struggling with adapting their deaf daughter to the world around her and teaching her to communicate with others. This is an amazing book that demonstrates the family’s desire to help their deaf child, and it proves that it is extremely important to struggle for normal life for deaf.

“Deaf Like Me” This book was really interesting and touching. The parents of Lynn, the deaf little girl, were very strong parents and their struggle to be able to make their daughters life as normal as possible was hard for them since everywhere they went the answer the always got was, for Lynn to try to talk and be treated as a normal child.

Deaf Like Me is the moving account of parents coming to terms with their baby girl's profound deafness. The love, hope, and anxieties of all hearing parents of deaf children are expressed here with power and simplicity.

In the epilogue, Lynn Spradley as a teenager reflects upon being deaf, her education, her struggle to communicate, and 4/5(4). The title of the book is “Deaf like Me” It is an appropriate title for the book. I believe that a lot of people do not know about the deaf community and how sign language is very affective in the deaf world.

Deaf like me book report
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