Corruption a menace essay

Corruption has been spread in the common public lives, politics, central governments, state governments, businesses, industries, etc. Worldwide, bribery alone is estimated to involve over 1 trillion US dollars annually.

Corruption Essay

It has not left any field. It is available from the history time of the Mughal and Sultanate period. Taking gratification for exercise of personal influence as dealt under Section 9 or 3.

But still the conviction rate in corruption cases is very less. According to the sources, it has been identified that India ranks three in the highly corrupted countries.

Corruption Essay 6 words Corruption is the highly infectious social disease which has spread its roots to the mind of the bad people.

But due to absence of a Central Legislation the State Legislations could not make this law more stringent. It is continuously making its roots so deeply because of the increasing human greediness towards money, power and position. It has become one of the most speedily increasing social issues in the Indian society.

It is not an infection in one country. Select Page Corruption Essay Corruption is the unethical act performed by the group of people using power of position or authority to acquire personal benefits.

Corruption: A Menace In India

Educational institutions are Corruption a menace essay involved in the corruption and they give seat to those students only who have paid for, whether they are good students with good marks or not. However, people suffering from any problem, disease, etc should keep patience and trust on themselves and never do anything bad in life.

It is a term known to all of us precisely meaning an illegal, immoral or unauthorized act done in due course of employment. We should select very honest and trustworthy leaders to lead our India just like our earlier Indian leaders such as Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, etc.

Gradually they become habitual for all of these bad activities.

Some people recruited in the government or non-government offices have been involved in the corruption and can do anything to fulfil their wishes.

They are doing corruption against law for just fulfilling their own pockets with money. The same provision prescribes punishment up to 5 years imprisonment and fine. The maximum punishment prescribed under the Act is up to seven years imprisonment and fine under Section 14 that deals with those habitual of getting involved in the act of corruption in one or the other way.

Corruption Essay 2 words Corruption is the misuse of public property, position, power and authority for fulfilling the selfish purposes to gain personal satisfactions.

Section 8 deals with the cases of public servants accepting gratification by illegal means to influence public servant. During election time, corruption become at its highest peak. People worldwide are involved in the act of corruption.

The commission placed definite suggestion before the govt. Corruption Essay 7 words Corruption has been spread like a disease all over the India as well as abroad.

This provision is therefore inserted to see to it that absence of such statements by bribe givers which are conclusive evidences does not lead to acquittal in such cases.

Corruptions are like theft, dishonesty, wastage of public property, wastage of time unnecessarily, exploitation, scams, scandals, malpractice of responsibilities, etc are the various types of corruption.

Corruption Essay 5 words As we all know that corruption is very bad thing. It has made its roots in both developing and well developed countries.

It is like a cancer which once generated cannot be ended without medicine and spreading its roots continuously. India is no exception to it. Therefore in my view the Swedish concept of Ombudsman be incorporated in Indian system.

Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Everyone censures corruption at a societal stage but that does not mean that anyone has escaped from the flu of corruption.Corruption in India has even crossed the alarming stage.

From the officials of the highest rank to a peon everyone is corrupt. It is a term known to all of us precisely meaning an illegal, immoral or unauthorized act done in due course of employment. But, corruption itself has a broader meaning beside that, corruption itself come from the word “corrupt” which also mean defective.

A misused of power can also be. leadership and corruption in nigeria Introduction: Leadership has always been one of the best factors to consider when determining the goal of a society or a community, it does not matter how big or small a community might be; it has to have a leader if it wants to be developed and harmonized (Ushakov).

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No comments. Sign Up or Login to your account to leave your opinion on this Essay. Similar Essays. Measures To Fight Corruption. Corruption In Nigeria Essay examples Words 5 Pages Corruption can be defined as the use of entrusted power to accumulate public wealthy for personal benefit.

Corruption A Menace In The Society. Kenjuana McCray] [SOC ] [10 June ] Menace II Society Introduction As a society, people are quick to draw conclusions .

Corruption a menace essay
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