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During the Depression more businesses were picked up as they came available: Hunter production continued there and in Ireland untiland it was built in Iran by Iran Khodro as the Peykan for many years more.

Jensen Motors

This large engine in such a lightweight car made the Jensen one of the fastest four-seaters of the time. Commer manufactured a full range of vans, trucks, tractors and bus chassis, and some badge-engineered small vehicles from the Hillman range.

These revival announcements are completely different to those announced by CPP in and are "officially sanctioned" by the company leading the project, "The Jensen Group", who have said they have established complete ownership over the Jensen marque.

Management succession[ edit ] Following the death in of Lord Rooteshis son, William Geoffrey Rootesbecame the second Lord Rootes and became the new chairman of Consultant report for london taxis international limited Motors. The company went into administration in July Chrysler Europe It has been suggested that the demise of Rootes began with losses due to industrial relations problems at their BLSP plant in London, with knock-on problems down the supply chain.

After the war production of the Jen-Tug thrived and Jensen also produced a new range of JNSN lightweight diesel trucks and chassis which were used for a variety of vehicles including pantechnicons and buses. The rights to the Rapier name remained with the successors of the company, and were eventually resurrected again on a few limited edition Peugeot models.

They introduced a straight-eight soon after Hillman became a subsidiary, but it was withdrawn as the Depression deepened. The intervening break in medium-sized Humbers was filled by the postwar Sunbeams.

They later expanded to build exclusive customised bodies for standard cars produced by several manufacturers of the day including MorrisSingerStandardas well as Wolseley. Production ceased in after the Chrysler takeover. Also, the production facilities were outmoded, industrial relations problems were persistent, and the products had a poor reputation for quality.

He went on to design two more cars for Avon then moved with his brother Richard to Austin dealers Edgbaston Garage Limited, Bournbrookin a building still standing next to the University of Birmingham campus.

When he visited the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg to evaluate it for war reparations, he opined that it — and the Beetle — had no value. In the late s, Chrysler endeavoured to market the Rootes cars in the US.

This new company will buy old Jensen Interceptors, and sell them as new cars after a complete restoration, with new engine and interior trim.

This was a quite separate development which Smith named on their account Jensen Motors. First displayed alongside the production C-V8 FF in October [6] and put into production in the second half of the bodyshells themselves were built by Vignale of Italy and later by Jensen.

The fastback was by far the most popular with its large, curving wrap-around rear window that was hinged for access to the storage area, making the Jensen an early form of liftback. Young Joe Patrick, involved in all fields of motor sport, was setting up a coachbuilding operation.

Jensen Parts and Service was renamed Jensen Cars Limited and an average 11 cars were made every month during the s always in small numbers before the company was sold to Unicorn Holdings of Stockport and a Mk V Interceptor was proposed but never materialised although a few more Mk IVs were built.

Commercial vehicles[ edit ] JNSN lorry In the late s Jensen diversified into the production of commercial vehicles under the marque JNSN, including the manufacture of a series of innovative lightweight trucks, built with unrestricted aluminium alloys, for Reynolds Tube and the prototype for the articulated Jen-Tug which went into production in the late s.

InRootes introduced the Hillman Impa compact rear-engined saloon with an innovative all- aluminium OHC engine, based on a Coventry Climax engine design originally used for a fire pump. The purchase would leave control in British hands. During the holdings were increased to 45 per cent of the ordinary shares and 65 per cent of the non-voting shares [16] and in January holdings were increased to about two-thirds of Rootes Motors capital.

Also inJensen is expected to launch the successor to the famous Jensen Interceptor, called the Interceptor 2. Rootes successfully sold a range of cars priced at a slight premium to their major home market competitors, justified on the basis that they offered a level of superiority in design and finish.

Following the war, Rootes also sponsored satellite manufacturing operations around the world, notably in Australasia Rootes Australia and the Middle East. An American management consultant, Carl Duerr, replaced the chief executive.

Only the Avenger-based Chrysler Sunbeam hatchback, launched in kept the Rootes lineage alive, although the Alpine name was still in use and later Alpine and Solara special edition models were given the old Rootes model names, Minx and Rapier.

In the early s, with the rise of interest in sub-compact cars, Chrysler offered the Hillman Avenger in North America as the Plymouth Cricket.

Raising Standards Worldwide

Chrysler was also keen to take control of the struggling firm as it wished to have its own wholly independent European subsidiaries like arch rivals Ford and GM.We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the oc99 website.

Jensen Motors Limited was a British manufacturer of sports cars and commercial vehicles in West JP&S then turned into a company called International Motors, who gained the UK franchise for Subaru and Maserati, as well as Hyundai Autocar published a report stating that the Jensen name is officially being revived with two models expected.

Rootes Group

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The Rootes Group or Rootes Motors Limited was a British in London it controlled exports and international distribution for Rootes and other motor manufacturers and its own Soon after the Second World War the group of Clément-Talbot factory buildings was converted to a Rootes Group London administration and service depot which Industry: Automotive industry.

Consultant report for london taxis international limited
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