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The British built a concentration camp here during the Second Boer War to house Boer women and children. As a result of this, the period was marked Capital newspapers pietermaritzburg a succession of editors who served for comparatively short periods with protracted gaps in between when the paper tended to operate under the leadership of acting editors.

He left the paper on much more solid ground than it had been at any time since the Second World War. Capital newspapers pietermaritzburg too received strong support at a time when discriminatory laws were being passed against them. It is believed some of the goods stolen were sold to prostitutes at a local brothel.

In addition, in the company had added control of the well-known booksellers and publishers Shuter and Shooter to their newspaper and commercial printing divisions.

From his pre-teen years he had developed a love for the sort of African adventure novels that made Sir Rider Haggard famous and over the course of his lifetime wrote a large number of novels in the Haggard genre, in addition to publishing two books about his travels in East Africa and Europe.

Overshadowing the changes taking place in the management of the Witness were the events leading up to the Second World War —45as well as the sturm und drang of the war itself.

Casualty list number 56, published in early August, gives deaths, 58 wounded and five missing, in itself a formidable attrition rate if the size of the local population is considered, although it is also necessary to bear in mind that 55 casualty lists had proceeded this one and many more were to follow.

With civil war threatening on several occasions, the peaceful election ofwhich heralded an ANC government under Nelson Mandelawas widely seen as something of Capital newspapers pietermaritzburg miracle. The bishop soon found a passionate supporter in Stathamwho used The Witness and his position as the special correspondent for the London Daily News to attack what he referred to as "the official clique".

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Today, a bronze statue of Gandhi stands in Church Street, in the city centre. Per fess Azure and Vert, over all an elephant statant Or, tusked Argent i.


The Durban and Pietermaritzburg editions share some content while focussing on their respective local news. Statham left the Witness in late for Cape Town, to edit the new radically liberal newspaper, the Cape Post. Inthe newspaper started publishing photographs for the first time, and in January it broke with the other South African papers of that time by abandoning the publication of advertisements on the front page in favour of publishing news and photographs in this prominent position, thereby giving the paper a much more modern appearance than its contemporaries.

In Cape Town, he came into contact with men like Thomas Pringle and John Fairbairn who played a prominent role in establishing the freedom of the press during the autocratic governorship of Lord Charles Somerset.

The Cambridge touch, —45[ edit ] Editorially the period up to was to be dominated by two men, both of whom had studied at Cambridge UniversityGeorge Calpin and Mark Prestwich, the former as editor and the latter mainly as a leader writer.


Colenso soon decided — probably correctly — that the colonial officials were doing all in their power to undermine Cetshwayo and his Usuthu supporters. The final version of the arms was granted by the College of Arms in May It is also believed that the suspect Capital newspapers pietermaritzburg a known drug addict.

Inwhen the Union of South Africa was formed, Natal became a province of the Union, and Pietermaritzburg remained the capital. Calmer waters, —[ edit ] Advertisement for Natal Witness, From tothe paper tended to be less radical, although, in terms of South African events, the period was anything but calm — especially as it ended with the South African Warunquestionably the most protracted, expensive and divisive war fought on South African soil.

National advertisers now have an instrument at their disposal that offers unmatched market penetration while from a readership perspective the Capital Media Group brings a newspaper to almost every city household each week.

The new editor refused to be cowed by this curtailment of press freedom and the paper continued to report on the particularly troubled situation in Pietermaritzburg, which from onwards was plunged into violence that verged on civil war. Even though this financial shock proved to be temporary, the war brought other challenges for the paper, not least of these being the effects of the U-boat blockade which curtailed the supply of newsprint so that the editions that appeared during the war years were in most cases closely printed in minuscule type on only four pages.

InNelson Mandela was arrested in the nearby town of Howick to the north of Pietermaritzburg. The motto was Umgungunhlovu. A pair of scissors was also found at the scene.

Another influence was the missionary Dr John Philip, whose liberal ideas concerning the indigenous people of the Cape Colony had a profound influence on the youthful Buchanan. During apartheidthe city was segregated into various sections.

UPDATE: Maritzburg ‘serial killer’ spares no details in chilling confession

While still in the Cape he went into partnership with his brother to set up the Cape Town Mail. His return coincided with a political brouhaha over the breakdown of the Wolseley settlement in Zululand — which had seen that territory divided up among 13 chieftains — and the restoration of Cetshwayo as a result of the active lobbying of Bishop Colenso and his family.See past project information for Capital Newspapers Pty Ltd, Central, Pietermaritzburg including projects, photos, costs, reviews and more.

In a major media BEE initiative, the Capital Media Group (KZN), publisher of Public Eye and Edendale Eyethu in Pietermaritzburg, has joined forces with Maritzburg Sun, which is owned by Highway Mail, a subsidiary of listed national newspaper publishers, Caxton and CTP Printers and Publishers Ltd and the Independent Group.

Capital Media Group is located in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Company is working in Advertising, Newspaper Publishers business activities. The Witness (previously The Natal Witness) is a daily newspaper published in Pietermaritzburg.

It mainly serves readers in Pietermaritzburg, Durban and the inland areas of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. which had only three years previously been the capital of a Boer republic. Capital Newspapers benefit program Search Jobs Now From news to sales to production to delivery and finance, Lee Enterprises offers outstanding career opportunities at 46 daily newspapers in 22 states.

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