Black economic empowerment and economic performance

Sustainable development report 2012

Codes — The updated Codes were as follows: The definition is the same as that of the Black Economic Empowerment Act of which states that "black people" is a generic term which means Black Africans, Coloureds and Indians and included provisions to ensure that they must have been South African citizens prior to In addition a number of options are being considered in partnership with the local authorities in support of poverty alleviation, infrastructure and other local economic development.

Direct and indirect economic impacts R In mitigation of this risk, the board has proposed that Northam develop a scheme to increase its BEE shareholding percentage to the level required by the Mining Charter inand has furthermore established the following key principles around which the BEE Transaction should be structured: Continued engagement of 6 permanent and 4 contractor employees at both Booysendal and Zondereinde.

These new Codes provided for a transitional period of 1 year 6 months. Both Booysendal and Zondereinde mines have well-developed systems in place to monitor and promote expenditure with these identified suppliers. The emphasis in this realignment is to create a business support hub which can exist independently from the Zondereinde mine and to be managed by a section 21 company.

Qualifying Small Enterprises The following sector scorecards have also been gazetted in terms of section Both Northam and Heraeus have expressed their commitment to building local intellectual capital and to this end, these entities continue to engage with a number of scientific, research and educational institutions.

The changes include the consolidation of duplicate elements such as Employment Equity and Management Control and Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development. Participation in the BEE Transaction should be as broad-based as possible. The BEE Transaction should be sustainable and be beneficial for all stakeholders, including existing shareholders.

As part of the process, Northam continues to supply a percentage of its metal to Heraeus locally for industrial use. The lending banks have since exercised claims over these pledged shares and have indicated that they have disposed of a number of shares to restore the debt cover ratios of Afripalm and Mvela Holdings.

Black Economic Empowerment

Subsequent Codes were released in December addressing Codes to The new Codes have increased the effort of compliance, by introducing priority elements; Ownership, Skills Development and Enterprise Development. Taxes paid to national, provincial and local government amounted to R This brings the total to houses.

Breakdown of expenditure — F Based on public and stakeholder comments, the final codes were adjusted and gazetted.

The BEE component of this amounted to R2. Scorecards[ edit ] Enterprises may be rated based on various scorecards, however only the following have been gazetted as of February An important consideration in this regard is to avoid mere survivalist businesses but to focus on portable skills, supported by accredited training initiatives.

Expenditure on social investment and local economic development declined to R2. Township and land development amounted to R6. The legislation was developed through numerous task teams and have taken more than 3 years to be gazetted since the first Act December and the first Codes of Good Practice released in November which addressed Statement and In South Africa, a number of persistent developmental challenges endure.

We embrace the principles of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Amendment Act, which serves as the basis for the Department of Trade and. Black economic empowerment: The Group has pursued a structured approach to improving its socio-economic performance.

Bidvest has a significant empowerment shareholding and a transformation strategy aimed at addressing both the economic and social elements of empowerment as it relates to sustainability. The consortium. Sustainable development report On this page. Approach and structure; The company's performance in terms of economic contributions is dealt with comprehensively in Northam's integrated annual report for F Black economic empowerment.

Broad-based black economic empowerment performance summary

Black Economic Empowerment Petra is committed to the tenets and objectives of black economic empowerment (BEE) legislation in South Africa. This is not legislated in Tanzania or Botswana. PDF | On Sep 1,Daron Acemoglu and others published Black Economic Empowerment and Economic Performance in South Africa.

Black Economic Empowerment and economic performance in South Africa Daron Acemogluy Stephen Gelbz James A. Robinsonx August We thank María Alejandra Palacio for her outstanding research assitance.

Black economic empowerment and economic performance
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