An investigation into the reasons that make teens dye their hair

I dyed my hair when I could get away with it. And, I fully support it. Article Posted 4 years Ago Share this article. Instead of drinking with your friends, get your eyebrows pierced together.

This is especially the case if you use permanent color or bleach. What have you got to lose? Depression, self-harm, and alcohol abuse are very real dangers for teens.

Be sure to consider these five problems with hair dyeing before you make your final choice! Click here for additional information.

Your hair will grow out eventually and the roots of your natural hair will emerge once more. Ever wondered why your hair changes color slightly in the summer? I remember being a teen. I pierced what my parents would allow.

Especially when you consider that student budgets are tight, there are much better things you could spend your money on. Besides, getting a new look is always fun and you always feel a bit more confident after.

why do girls dye their hair blonde?

I wanted to give her the room to figure out who she is and help build her confidence. Sadly, this can make your hair brittle, which is when it can break or become frizzy. Your natural hair color becoming dull is a common side effect of dyeing your hair.

4 Reasons Why You Should Dye Your Hair

If I can contain her feelings to outlandish piercings and wild hair colors, I think we will come out okay. I thought she was planning a streak or two, but a full tub of hair dye and one incredibly blue bathroom later, her gorgeous blonde hair is no more.

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It is exactly as it sounds. You might resist the temptation to dye your hair after reading this, collegiettes! I dressed in things that made my mother cringe. I hope giving her this freedom to dye her hair blue, wear a series of stars in her ear, or wear combat boots all summer will help her find herself a little sooner.

As fun as it is getting your hair actually dyed, there are other alternatives that you can do to get those crazy colors other than the chemical way. Unfortunately this can only be done if your hair is in sufficiently good condition — so be careful collegiettes!

There are endless combinations you can go for so play up your creativity! A major consequence of dyeing your hair is that it becomes really dry and unhealthy. We should be encouraging kids to find safe, healthy ways to work through this stage.

Hair is no exception. Instead of cutting, dye your hair. If the aim of dyeing your hair is to make it look better, then you might be doing the wrong thing. They are these chalk pieces that you can use to color your hair. There are many different kinds of hair chalk you can get which makes coloring your hair all the more fun.

Your hair will look much healthier, and so much better if you allow it to be its natural color. In fact, I think it could actually protect her. One way is hair chalk. There are also other temporary dye that you can use that include but are not limited to; hairspray dye, hair gel, powder, and of course Kool-Aid for those with Hair Dyeing Phobia.

Forget the haters and strut your stuff. Right now, my teen is hiding behind her blue hair, struggling to come to grips with who she is and who she wants to be.

Neither of these are ideal situations, and the easiest way for you to avoid this is to stop dyeing your hair. Choose your words carefully, to build kids up instead of tearing them down.

Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice.Having freshly dyed hair is an amazing feeling, but you walk out into the world just to be met with criticism and assumptions.

People will assume that it is for attention. While that is a possibility, there are many reasons why people would dye their hair. Oct 23,  · Should Teens Be Able to Dye Their Hair? ABC News.

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5 Reasons Not to Dye Your Hair

| Zoe London - Duration: 5 Reasons Not to Dye Your Hair. Lauren Hudson. You might resist the temptation to dye your hair after reading this, collegiettes!

We all know of someone who tried to dye their hair and it went purple; don’t be that girl. You need to be super careful when you dye your hair, because if you leave the color on for too long you can end up.

What do you do if your teens want to dye their hair?

Do you know what to do if your teens want to dye their hair? Learn what to do if your teens want to dye their hair in this article from HowStuffWorks.

Why I Let My Daughter Dye Her Hair Blue. Heather Sokol. The teen years are rough — discovering your identity and building self-esteem are no easy task for teens or their parents. I wanted to. Jan 31,  · The trend of allowing kids to playfully dye their hair is one that seems to be growing. A large percentage of the time, they don't do it for ideological reasons, but simply to buy influence in.

An investigation into the reasons that make teens dye their hair
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