An analysis of the plains zebra animal species of africa

Mating and Reproduction Plains zebras polygamous, and breed throughout the year. If the warning is not heeded, a fight breaks out.

These young males begin preparing themselves for their adult roles by practicing greeting or challenge rituals, play fights, etc. A stallion will defend his group from other males.

Sleeping in groups also allows them to be alerted of forthcoming danger. They are widely spread across the savannahs, the grasslands of east Africa, from Sudan to northern regions of Zimbabwe in east Africa down to the southern Ethiopia till Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia, and most other southern African countries.

Finally, plains zebras have underbelly stripes. Mountain zebras are from 3. A visual paradox that prevents the predators from judging the size, distance and direction they are moving. These zebras are highly dependent on water. Another habit of zebras is mutual grooming, which they do to strengthen their bonds with each other.

Each species of zebra has a different general pattern of stripes. Mogens Trolle Shutterstock Zebras are single-hoofed animals that are native to Africa. This anti-predatory behavior gives them the ability to even remain alert during sleep.

Foals attain the age of sexual maturity or puberty at 16 to 22 months of age, and by the time they are years old, both the male and the female juveniles would quit their natal herd. Nile crocodiles also pose a big threat especially while crossing the rivers.

They typically possess broad and bold black stripes on a white base. But zebras only sleep when they are in large groups so that they can be alerted of danger. Life Cycle of the Baby Zebra The gestation period of a mare lasts for about 12 to 13 months, with the litter size being 1.

The taxonomy of zebras, according to ITIS, is: If a male is challenged by another, it would initially display a warning signal by rubbing its nose or shoulders against the attempting invader. When zebras stand together, it is harder for predators to determine how many zebras are in the group.

These family groups are called harems. Like many animals, plains zebras are susceptible to habitat loss and overhunting.

Zebra, regardless of species, live approximately 25 years in the wild and up to 40 in captivity. One of the best places to see plains zebra is in the Serengeti park in Tanzania, according to the African Wildlife Foundation. They can detect a slight variation in taste or quality of their food.Burchell's zebra, which also is referred to as the plains zebra, is the most numerous of the three species.

One of the best places to see plains zebra is in the Serengeti park in Tanzania, according to the African Wildlife Foundation. The plains zebra is the only zebra - the others being Grevy's zebra (E. grevyi) and mountain zebra (E.

How Many Zebra Species Are There?

zebra) - which is not endangered. someare on a never-ending migration, making a km clockwise circuit of the Serengeti and Masai Mara National Parks in East Africa as the seasons dictate the grazing. Plains zebras mix with herds of wildebeest for protection and eat the grasses that.

There are four species of zebra: Plains, Grevy’s, Cape Mountain, and Hartmann’s Mountain. The Plains Zebra, on exhibit at The Maryland Zoo, is the most common and geographically widespread. It is also known as the Common Zebra or Burchell’s Zebra.

Plains Zebra

Plains Zebras roam Africa’s grasslands and venture into woodland and marshy areas as The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. The plains zebra, also known as the common zebra, is the most abundant of three species of zebra, inhabiting the grasslands of eastern and southern Africa.

The other two species are Grevy’s zebras and mountain zebras. On average, plains zebras are smaller than the other two species of zebra. Plains zebras are to feet ( to m) at the shoulder and weigh up to lbs. ( kg), according to the African Wildlife Foundation. Habitat. Though they all live in Africa, each species of zebra has its own home area.

Plains zebras live in the treeless grasslands and woodlands of. The Plains Zebra, also called ‘Common Zebra’, ‘Burchell’s Zebra’, and ‘Painted Zebra’, is an ungulate and equine from Africa that is native to over 15 African countries. The .

An analysis of the plains zebra animal species of africa
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