A movie analysis of the soloist

Steve is then sitting outside on the boardwalk drinking a soda. Lopez was a journalist in need of a story, but soon became drawn in to a closer involvement with Ayers, fascinated by how mental illness had affected the life of such a talented musician.

Plot overview and analysis written by an experienced literary critic. Nathaniel plays for Steve and Steve is visibly moved by the piece. Steve tells Nathaniel that it is no place for him to live, but Nathaniel is adamant that this is where he should be.

The Registrars office tells Steve that there is no record of a Nathaniel Ayers ever attending Julliard and then hangs up on Steve.

They sit together for a while as Steve watches from the car. Nathaniel eventually finds Lopez again and they reconcile. Steve asks if theres a medication that can help Nathaniel but David tells him that the last thing he needs is another person telling him he needs medication.

Steve finds Nathaniels love of music to be awe inspiring. Ayers and Lopez make up. He goes back to the shelter and sees Nathaniel playing for the people gathered around.

Another flashback shows Nathaniel in his first apartment and subsequent performances at Julliard. Steve begins his narrative epilogue as Mary, Steve, Jennifer and Nathaniel watch an orchestra perform. He met with his music teacher and went on and on about how much he admired Beethovens work.

As the ties of friendship and family increase, Ayers seems to respond positively, although his lack of insight about his illness remains. In an effort to help the prodigy, some concerned individuals sent instruments to Lopez on behalf of Ayers.

One reader is so touched that she sends him a cello for Ayers.

He tells her about what happened with Nathaniel and how he doesnt know how to fix it. Steve is busy and tells Nathaniel he cant perform in front of the building, so Nathaniel waits on the other side of the building.

Synopsis The film opens up in the early morning. His bike hits a bump and he hits his head badly on the pavement. After seeing a reaction to music played at an opera house, Lopez persuades another friend, Graham, a cellist, to rehabilitate Ayers through music.

He stops his car. Steve comes to grip with his failures as a father and a husband.

The Soloist Movie Review Summary

They watch the orchestra perform in silence. Steve hands the phone off to Mary, and she listens to all the things Nathaniel says.

Steve Lopez did not intend to write a book about Nathaniel Ayers when he first began recounting his story for a newspaper column. Nathanial reads the forms and throws them around the room when he realizes that its about his schizophrenic state of mind.

It is revealed at the end that Ayers is still a member of the LAMP Community — a Los Angeles nonprofit organization that seeks to help people living with severe mental illness — and that Lopez is learning how to play the guitar.

As Steve is driving through the same busy intersection, he almost hits Nathaniel who is picking up litter from the middle of the street almost being hit multiple times by other cars and gets him to walk over to the side.

He pulls up to the gate and asks to speak to someone named David. At one point he is surrounded by people and in the next he is in an empty auditorium. The film gives us a good example of the effect the illness can have on the words, thoughts, perceptions and behaviour of sufferers and highlights the fluctuations that occur naturally in the disorder.

This attracts much interest from the public who send in musical instruments for Ayers to play.

The Soloist Summary

These form the basis of the film. Psychiatrists tell Steve that his friendship alone gives balance to chemical misfire in his brain, but he cant attest to it.Apr 22,  · "The Soloist" has all the elements of an uplifting drama, except for the uplift.

The story is compelling, the actors are in place, but I was never sure what the filmmakers wanted me to feel about it/5. The Soloist is a British-American drama film directed by Joe Wright, and starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr.

The Soloist

It is based on the true story of Nathaniel Ayers, a musician who developed schizophrenia and became homeless. Graham puts his hand on Nathaniel to bring him back to reality, but Nathaniel freaks out and the movie flashes between Nathaniel swinging a chair at Graham and the younger Nathaniel swinging the tray at his sister before he runs out the building.

The Soloist is a film based upon the true story of Nathaniel Ayers, a musician who suffers from schizophrenia, and Steve Lopez a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, who befriended the then homeless Ayers when he was living on the streets of LA.

Lopez was a journalist in need of a story, but soon became drawn in to a closer involvement with. The Soloist Summary SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music was published inand, during the following year, was made into a feature-length movie starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr.

A movie analysis of the soloist
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